Female Coturnix Quail

Laying Hens

From as early as 5 to 8 weeks old - these ladies can supply your family with a daily supply of nutritious quail eggs. If you're not looking for breeding birds - these gals are sweet tempered and docile. Rooster not required for egg supply! These hens are ideal for backyard coops and quail hobby farmers or city dwellers.

Contact for pricing and availability.

Breeding Coveys/Larger Flocks

Ready for the next step? We have scheduled larger quantity hatches. If you want to fly right into the quail business, we can supply you with your starter flock. For no additional charge we can provide breeding coveys with your preferred female:male ratio.

Our breeding program focusses on temperament  and disposition as our primary goals. Once we have selected our best mannered quail, our secondary goals are size of mature birds and size of eggs. We are working towards well mannered jumbo meat makers.

Contact for pricing. Ages range from 5 to 8 weeks.


Quail Chicks and Youngsters

Available from day old to 4ish weeks old. These little cuties will amaze you with how quickly they go from cute little fluff bottoms to mature birds. These are sold unsexed and do require a specialized starter diet and additional heating requirements until they are fully feathered. We do not ship.

Contact for pricing.

Next Steps...

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