Coturnix Quail

Our Japanese Coturnix quail are the ideal multi purpose quail. Predictable and consistent egg layers but also a solid meat maker. Whether you're new to quail or looking to add new lines to your existing flock, these could beĀ  the perfect choice.

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Pickled Quail Eggs

If you love traditional pickled eggs, you will love our very popular pickled quail eggs. Pop in the mouth size and made with delicious family recipes that have been favourites for decades. Currently five flavours available.

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Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

What is better than the taste of freshly laid chicken eggs lovingly raised by your local farmer? Fresh quail eggs from our farm of course! These adorable little eggs are packed with nutrition, vitamins, and flavour.

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Life is a Work in Progress

Every day is a new day... a new challenge, a new adventure, and ultimately a new learning experience. Change is good if change makes sense. Our past strengthens our future... or so they keep telling us!

So what makes us special? Well... it's not just about making money. True - money is good... but money doesn't pay for social irresponsibility or bad advice. What am I really trying to say?

When you buy from us - you will likely have questions. Our answers will probably surprise you. We give you non-judgemental options and recommend that you decide what works best for you. You are the only one that can decide what is best for your operation - big or small. We can advise you on what others do and what industry standards seem to be... but never what is the only way to do something.

We are not organic. We are not non-GMO. We are as natural as possible and do not believe in excessive chemicals or medication. Our birds are free of artificial steroids and growth hormones. All of our breeders and layers are on non-medicated feed.

As for everything else? We're taking it one day and one learning experience at a time! Enjoy the journey!




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